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Koffiku surabaya presents : The best Indonesia Roasted Robusta coffee.

Indonesia is one of the oldest countries in the world known as coffee producer. 83% of Indonesia’s coffee production is Robusta. In total, Indonesia produce more than 10 million bags of green bean coffee. Robusta coffee is coffee made from the Coffea canephoraplant, a sturdy species of coffee bean with low acidity and high bitterness. C. canephora beans, widely known by the synonym Coffea robusta, are used primarily in instant coffeeespresso, and as a filler in ground coffee blends.

Koffiku Surabaya provides the best quality of roasted robusta coffee bean with its specifications as follows:

Weight                          : 250 grams

Grade                           : AA

Moisture                       : 12.0 % max

Foreign matters             : 0 % max

Broken beans                : 0.5 % max

Black beans                  : 0 % max

Screen 17                     : 80 % min

HS Code                       : 090121

Shelf Life                      : 12 Months

Storage Condition         : Dry Place

Production Capacity     : 10 Tons per month

The roasted coffee bean, as per customer request, can be ground into powder from coarse level to fine level.

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